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Film Production Course Description

In this course i will teach the technical and creative sides of film production.
At the end of the course students will be able to direct and edit their own films.

Class will meet for 15 sessions. They will learn directing, editing, sound, and camera. They will also learn scheduling and set decorum.

The main project for the course will be a five-minute film.


Why are we doing this? And why do I think this strategy makes a lot of sense for other first-time feature directors? Because there are millions of people with a screenplay, all trying to figure out how to get from here (words on a page) to there (actual finished movie). If your goal seems impossibly far off, that’s when it’s time to bite off a smaller chunk and show what you’re capable of.


When photographers say…
What are you shooting?
They actually mean…
Hello there! This is me, trying to break the ice.

When photographers say…
I work primarily with natural light.
They actually mean…
My flash exposures are awful. Seriously, they’re awful.



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